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Outlander: Episode 3×08 Preview “First Wife”

While I work on screencaptures from the new episode “Crème de Menthe”, here’s a look at next week’s episode called “First Wife”.

Outlander Screencaptures: 3×06 “A. Malcom” #PrintShop

Added 1080p screencaptures of the new episode “A Malcom” to the gallery. There are over 4300 caps. Enjoy! And don’t forget to credit if you use them in your fanart, etc…

Outlander Season 3 Screencaps: HD 3×05 “Freedom and Whisky”

Added HD screencaptures of the latest episode of Outlander 3×05 “Freedom and Whisky”. If you use the caps for artwork, etc please feel free to show us on our social media channels (links in the menu at the top of the page).

Sam Heughan Talks Jamie’s 5 Stages of Sadness

Sam Heughan had a big part in determining how to portray Jamie Fraser’s different stages of sadness and grief over losing Claire. There is already strong talk of an Emmy campaign for Sam and I personally agree. The angst, sadness and overwhelming grief that Sam is able to convey in Jamie is amazingly well played. He sat down with the directors to go over the stages of sadness and thanks to Elle Magazine Online, we get an inside look at the process.

Who is Jamie Fraser now? The man we knew from seasons one and two of Outlander has gone through a monumental shift after losing the love of his life, and in every episode of this season so far, he’s almost been a different character, with a new name and a new life. “I really feel like every episode has been a mini-movie,” actor Sam Heughan told ELLE.com, “and episode four is like Downton Abbey.” When we caught up with the actor in his trailer on the Outlander set in Cape Town, South Africa, he took us through his process of portraying Jamie Fraser as the Dun Bonnet (the rebel outlaw), Mac Dubh (the leader of men in Ardsmuir Prison), and Alex MacKenzie (the groom at Helwater). Yet while he may take on different guises, he’s always a wanted man—in more ways than one.

Here, find out how Heughan took on the challenge of an ever-changing Jamie.

Nice costume! Are those satin boots?
Yes! It’s nice to be wearing something more genteel than a kilt. [Laughs]

For someone who is supposed to be 20 years older, you’ve aged well.
I disagree with you, actually! On screen, obviously, Jamie does age very well, but I could show you a list of everything we’ve done to him, everything the make-up artists have done. A little gray hair, prosthetics on my forehead, a little eyework. But it’s more his journey, what’s happened to him, about what he’s gone through. It’s really hard to lose someone and find a way to go on.

From what I understand, you modeled Jamie’s journey on the stages of grief?
Yes! It’s a whole journey in the first few episodes, where he comes to terms with the fact that Claire’s really gone, and finds a will and a way to live. He actually doesn’t want to be Jamie Fraser anymore, and so he creates all these different personas for himself, in each town, in each episode. It’s actually been fantastic. It’s been a real gift, this season. I wrote it down with the directors, all the stages of grief, and we tried to figure out where they all factored in.

It’s a great read and you can read the whole article on Elle Online, plus watch a hilarious video of Sam reading tweets about him!

News: Sam Heughan Answers Questions at Barbour Event

Sam Heughan was recently in New York City to officially launch his Barbour Signature Collection. He did a live Q&A on facebook but because there were so many great questions, he took the time to answer more questions.

Here are a few of the questions and answers that Sam provided:

Joanna Diaz on Instagram asks: Does the Heughan family have clan ties? Clan Tartan? Is any of your personal family heritage incorporated into the design?

‘The Heughan family I believe is part of the McDonald Clan. Many Heughans are from Southwest of Scotland, where I was born in Dumfries and Galloway, where John Barbour originated. Barbour has always been part of my heritage growing up with it. Many family members would wear their clothing.


Rachel Shapiro on Instagram asks: What elements of the collection are distinctly yours and what elements are carry-overs from Barbour’s longstanding traditions?

I hope that this collection reflects my personal style which I’ve tried to incorporate across all of the shirts, knitwear and jackets. For the collection I chose each of the fabrics from the wax to the wool, tweed and herringbone too as these reflect my Scottish roots. I also think it’s important to stick to Barbour’s signature look and traditions through the styling of the clothing – to fit well with the brand.’


Cheyenne Kenney on Instagram asks: What made you decide to collaborate with Barbour?

‘I’m honoured to be Barbour’s Global Brand Ambassador, and so when the idea of a collaborative collection came up it was something I’d really want to do. I grew up near the farm where John Barbour lived in Scotland and so it’s always been a brand that I am familiar with and have similar roots to and so I can understand its traditions. That was important to me when I started the design process.’

To read more of the Q&As, please visit Barbour’s Blog.

To view Sam Heughan’s Signature Collection, please visit the site directly.


Outlander Season 3 Episode Stills – 3×04, 3×05, 3×06, 3×08, 3×09 & 3×10

I’ve added episode stills from upcoming episodes of Outlander. Please note, there are spoilers ahead.

No previews provided just to be more quick and also avoid spoilers on main page. Click each link below to go to specific albums!

  • Outlander – Season 3 Episode Stills – 3×04: Of Lost Things
  • Outlander – Season 3 Episode Stills – 3×05: Freedom & Whisky
  • Outlander – Season 3 Episode Stills – 3×06: A. Malcolm
  • Outlander – Season 3 Episode Stills – 3×08: “Untitled”
  • Outlander – Season 3 Episode Stills – 3×09: “Untitled”
  • Outlander Screencaptures: Episode 3×04 “Of Lost Things” HQ

    Added HQ screencaptures to the image gallery of the latest episode of Outlander, 3×04 “Of Lost Things”.

    View entire album right here


    Outlander Screencaptures: Season 1 Completely Added HQ

    I’ve added the entire first season HQ Screencaptures of Outlander to the image gallery. It was a big job but relatively painless lol!

    To make it quicker to access, no previews will be provided, just links to each album.

    If you use any captures in your fanart, etc, please be so kind to give us a shout out! Our social media accounts are in the menu above.

    Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures HQ

  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×01 – Sassanach
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×02 – Castle Leoch
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×03 – The Way Out
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×04 – The Gathering
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×05 – Rent
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×06 – The Garrison Commander
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×07 – The Wedding
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×08 – Both Sides Now
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×09 – The Reckoning
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×10 – By the Pricking of My Thumbs
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×11 – The Devil’s Mark
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×12 – Lallybroch
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×13 – The Watch
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×14 – The Search
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×15 – Wentworth Prison
  • Outlander Season 1 Screencaptures: 1×16 – To Ransom a Man’s Soul
  • {Spoilers} News: Sam Heughan Teases Jamie & Claire’s Reunion

    TV Insider had a great article talking a bit about what we can expect this season, especially when it comes to Jamie and Claire’s reunion.

    “It’s nice to be finally reunited,” Heughan told TV Insider. I hope people are happy with the reunion [for Jamie and Claire]. I watched it the other night, I haven’t seen it, so I watched it and it’s passionate, emotional and I think everything fans would want.”

    Heughan did admit that although Jamie doesn’t meet his daughter Brianna this season, Claire talks about her often. He explained, “[Jamie’s] just overwhelmed. He does get to hear about his daughter Brianna and that‘s very emotional for him. So I imagine meeting her would be very powerful.”

    To read more of the article, please visit TV Insider’s page.