{Spoilers} News: Sam Heughan Teases Jamie & Claire’s Reunion

TV Insider had a great article talking a bit about what we can expect this season, especially when it comes to Jamie and Claire’s reunion.

“It’s nice to be finally reunited,” Heughan told TV Insider. I hope people are happy with the reunion [for Jamie and Claire]. I watched it the other night, I haven’t seen it, so I watched it and it’s passionate, emotional and I think everything fans would want.”

Heughan did admit that although Jamie doesn’t meet his daughter Brianna this season, Claire talks about her often. He explained, “[Jamie’s] just overwhelmed. He does get to hear about his daughter Brianna and that‘s very emotional for him. So I imagine meeting her would be very powerful.”

To read more of the article, please visit TV Insider’s page.

Outlander Season 3: Episode Stills 3×04 Of Lost Things

Hello and welcome to Outlander Fans! We’re a new site and slowly building up the site so please be patient with us. In the meantime, here are some HQ episode stills of this coming Sunday’s episode Of Lost Things.

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