{Spoilers} News: Sam Heughan Teases Jamie & Claire’s Reunion

TV Insider had a great article talking a bit about what we can expect this season, especially when it comes to Jamie and Claire’s reunion.

“It’s nice to be finally reunited,” Heughan told TV Insider. I hope people are happy with the reunion [for Jamie and Claire]. I watched it the other night, I haven’t seen it, so I watched it and it’s passionate, emotional and I think everything fans would want.”

Heughan did admit that although Jamie doesn’t meet his daughter Brianna this season, Claire talks about her often. He explained, “[Jamie’s] just overwhelmed. He does get to hear about his daughter Brianna and that‘s very emotional for him. So I imagine meeting her would be very powerful.”

To read more of the article, please visit TV Insider’s page.

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